Welcome to Qing Sun Lab @ Texas A&M

2021.09 We are part of the 2 Million dollars funding by NSF to explore the nature and engineer them to degrade plastic mixtures. Thank you NSF for the support and thank you Dr. Arum Han for the leadership!

2021.07 Our lab is proud to receive the 1.3 Million dollars President’s Excellence Fund X-Grant in our groundbreaking research in creating temperature resistant mRNA for future therapeutics and applications! Check out these articles published by KBTX and Texas A&M Engineering!


2021.06 Congratulations to Baizhen as he embarks on his new internship in Boston, MA! We will miss you!

2021.04 Welcome, the newest addition to our lab family, Cheng Xi! Congratulations to being a new mom, Dr. Feng!

2021.02 Our first research paper titled “Programming gene expression in multicellular organisms for physiology modulation through engineered bacteria” is accepted for publication at Nature Communications. Congratulations to Baizhen Gao! More to come!

2021.01 Our deep learning paper is now available on BioRxiv. Nucleic Transformer: Deep Learning on Nucleic Acids with Self-attention and Convolutions. doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.01.28.428629

2020.01 The first paper from Sun Lab is accepted for publication at Biochemical Society Transactions. Congratulations to the co-authors Baizhen Gao, Rushant Sabnis and Tommaso Costantini!

2019.10 Dr. Qing Sun is awarded “Faculty of the Year” from CHEGSA Chemical Engineering Department, Texas A&M University.

2018-2020 Multiple lab outing activities. It was fun!


2018.10.10 Graduate student Rushant Sabnis Joined the Lab, Welcome!

2018.05.04 Dr. Sun is invited to give a talk at the 1st Rice University Synthetic Biology Hangout. Honored and way to go!

2018.04.12 Dr. Sun is invited to give a talk at Tx Protein Folder & Function Meeting. Looking forward to it!

2017.10.10 Graduate student Baizhen Gao joined the lab. The first student in the lab. Good research is coming on the way!